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Howzit, thanks for dropping by!

Three psychology degrees later, and professionally trained on a number of psychological assessment tools, it’s only fitting to introduce myself as an ISTJ

(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator TM)


What does ISTJ mean and what does it have to do with UX Research and Design?


Well, by nature I am …

  • an Active Listener: able to gather information to better understand the wants and needs of clients and users alike

  • Quietly Observant: mindful of what people say out loud and through their body language

  • Empathic: able to ‘read the room’, sensitive to the emotions and reactions of others

  • Detail Oriented, Organised and Reflective: able to collate and categorise data points to derive key observations and insights that inform design solutions

… all of which come together to help me, help you create seamless user experiences.


Understanding and determining ‘fit’ within a given role/team/department/organisation has been my bread-and-butter for the majority of my career, so here’s a little peek into my working style ...


I enjoy company cultures that promote collaboration and teamwork, but also support a creative process that requires time alone to think and reflect. I enjoy working within and across smaller teams and being well-prepared. I am process-oriented, deadline-driven and will do everything I can to help my team achieve our objectives.

I enjoy unpacking my immediate landscape, always wanting to know ‘how’ and why’. My preference is to hone my craft, but I would rather be seen as a ‘relayer of information’ than an ‘expert’. Being a cautious decision-maker, you can rest assured that my design decisions will be unbiased and supported by research and data.


  • Design Tools: Miro, Figma, InVision, Optimal Workshop, StoryBoard That, Extensio

  • Planning & Collaboration Tools: Miro, Confluence, FigJam

  • Survey Tools: Google Forms

  • Transcription Tools: Otter, Descript

  • Communication Tools: Slack, Zoom, Google Meets

  • Other: Canva, MS Suite


Outside of work I:

  • am rediscovering the world through the eyes of my toddler

  • like to escape into a good book

  • find my centre (and strengthen my core) with yoga and pilates

  • binge Netflix (any mother knows       )

  • am challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone

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