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Web design studio


"Our role is to imagine products that don't exist and guide them to life."

Christopher Stringer

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Redesign a Fintech website and customer FX portal to:
(a) afford users a seamless experience when sending money overseas for business or personal reasons;
(b) attract new customers; and
(c) keep up with competitors.


Project Goals

  • Goal 1: To create an intuitive platform, that inspires trust and confidence, through secure payments and competitive rates.

  • Goal 2: To develop an efficient sign-up user flow, with a focus on electronic know your customer (eKYC), to increase new customer conversion rates.

  • Goal 3: To refine the current EbonFX user dashboard, so users can easily organise current and future international money transfers (IMTs).


Project Team: 25 UX/UI Designers


Client Feedback: “The team really did listen to our challenges as a business. The research and summary of the findings was outstanding, from data analysis to design and presentation.”

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MediGo Sleep

Design a customer-facing online platform for a start-up company to:
(a) connect patients and healthcare professionals;
(b) facilitate and monitor treatment; and
(c) provide educational material and resources.

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Project Goals

  • Goal 1: To unpack the treatment journey of compliant and non-compliant patients.

  • Goal 2: To build a platform that (a) supports a positive patient experience, and (b) facilitates the work of healthcare professionals.

Project Team: 13 UX/UI Designers

Client Feedback: "Great work ... we have decided to use (the) prototype for all of our projects."

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